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Week 4 Results and Week 5″s Bonus September 29, 2008

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We are getting to the home stretch. Hope everyone is still going? I know there were times this week when I didn’t want to go any more. In fact, I am sure there is no way I am going to win the competition any more but I am going to still try and at least I will get healthy in the process. I am leaving the house in a few minutes to go walking with a friend. Wahoo! Not really but I am going to pretend that I am excited.

This coming week’s bonus challenge is You must do FHE, Scripture study all week and read another 30 minutes a day to earn the extra five points. Not too hard compared to the last two. Especially since Janeen was throwing up trying to drink that much water. However, I must warn you that the following week is going to be the killer bonus point (no sugar all week) so be prepared.

Here are the results from this week. The big winner of this week was….

Kristine: STAYED the same at 154lbs and earned 89 points.


Week Three Results and Bonus For Week 4 September 22, 2008

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I hope everyone had a good week. Mine went well at the beginning and then slowly got worse at the end. But I still did well. I about killed myself in the process. I hope you are all feeling as sore as I am at this moment.

Here are the results for this week…. Our big winner was Nicole. Who once again managed to kick butt.
Dad Stayed the same and earned 63 points
Mom STAYED the same and earned 53 points
Nicole LOST 4 lbs and is at 129lbs and earned 103 points
Kristine STAYED the same at 154lbs and earned 98 points
Janeen LOST 2 lBS and is at 146lbs and earned 98 points

This weeks bonus will be…(drumroll please)…drank water all week! Good luck and have fun peeing!


Week Two Results September 15, 2008

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Nicole was the big winner this week with an amazing score of 90 points and 3 lbs weight loss. Way to go Nicole!

Dad STAYED the same and earned 79 points. Way to go Pops!

Mom STAYED the same and earned 58 points.

Nicole LOST 3 lbs and is at 133. She earned 90 points.

Kristine: GAINED 2 lbs and is at 154 lbs.  She earned 70 points this week.

Janeen: STAYED the same and is at 148 lbs. She earned 74 points.

I hope everyone is doing well this week. I know I am rocking it. What are the hardest points to earn for each of you. Maybe we can offer each other suggestions on things that work for us.

For instance I eat my veggies if I buy a veggie platter every week and I make sure my dinner is packed with veggies (just the way John likes it). Today I made a big pot of minestrone sans the meat and pasta (so it is technically a veggie soap) and that is how I plan to get a lot of my veggies in this week. My downfall is usually water. But I am chugging it away this week. Any suggestions on how to choke 64 oz of water down my throat every day?

Here is what the pot looks like…

Dad owes $10
Mom owes $10
Nicole owes $10
Kristine owes $12
Janeen owes $10

total: $52


Week Three Bonus Challenge

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I hope everyone had a good week two.  I know I didn’t do as good as I did the first week but I plan on stepping it up this week.  I went to Stake Conference this weekend and saw a few people I haven’t seen in awhile and they all commented on how I lost weight. So my motivation is back.  (By the way Janeen Sis Hall thinks I look just like you now that I am skinnier).

This weeks bonus challenge is all about exercise!  If you earn an average of three workout points a day this week you earn an extra 5 points!  (I did an average so if someone wants to work it hard one day and less another they can.  Really I was thinking that way if someone doesn’t want to work out too hard on Sunday they don’t have too).

Don’t forget to send in your results for this week!


Week One Results September 9, 2008

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Janeen was the winner for week one!

Here are everyone’s stats.  (I do need people to send me their original weight so we can keep track of that, most just said they stayed the same).

Dad: LOST 3 LBS. and am at ? lbs and earned 68 points

Mom: STAYED at ? lbs and earned 52 points (she said they were measly but I beg to differ.  52 points if good especially for first starting!

Nicole: STAYED at 136 lbs and earned 83 points

Kristine:  LOST 2 lbs and is at 152 lbs and earned 87 points

Janeen: STAYED at 148 lbs and earned 88 points

And just to re-state two things that Nicole brought up

1. the bonus for this week has been changed to one act of service

2.  you add money to the pot if you GAIN weight not STAY the same.  A dollar a pound.

The pot is at $40

Also coke is considered pop

If there are two winners the prize will be split


Week Two September 8, 2008

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Everyone needs to send me their stats for week one.  Remember, if you do it by today you get to earn the extra 5 points.

For round 2 the bonus will be……

drink water and eat your veggies/fruits all week long!  So get started NOW!


Week One Bonus September 6, 2008

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The bonus for this week is going to be an easy one since we never decided on one at the beginning of the week. Everyone who emails me their stats Monday will earn an extra five points. And to be fair I will email everyone or at least one person my stats on Monday as well so I can earn the bonus points. How is everyone’s week going? I hope it is going well. I am trying to get into a good routine but it hasn’t been easy.

Also are we sending in all the points we earned for each week or just the weight scores? What are people’s opinions on that?